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“Buy ukuleles, not guns.” – Beth

In the 80’s her L.A. band, Speed Bumps was very punky.  In the 90’s she was Bethie, BMG’s kids’ recording artist. Bethie sang at the White House and wrote the music for the first ever educational software for children, Knowledge Adventure’s Jump Start Toddlers and Pre-School…winning many awards including Parents’ Choice Silver and Gold.
Today she’s living in Portland, Oregon, writing, gigging and recording. Her 6th album, Blackbird, was voted one of 2014’s best albums, by the Readers’ Poll at No Depression. Lately she’s been tapping into the wisdom of early American folk singers such as Woody Guthrie, and writing  in a style she calls Modern Americana…trying to capture the ups and downs of the human condition, and reflect upon the world today.
Album #7 is 2016’s EP release called RAILROAD! 2018’s release is resistance documentary, WON’T GO SILENT. Beth is currently working on a new duo collaboration with John Dodge. View extended bio.


SEPT. 2016“Railroad” Release Interview with Middle Tennessee Music:

AUGUST 2016 First review of “Railroad”  from  The Daily Country:–single-reviews/ep-review-beth-marlin-railroad

2015 Columbia Daily Tribune Article re Beth Marlin, FAI and her Missouri roots:

Reader’s Poll at NO DEPRESSION votes “Blackbird” one of 2014’s Top Albums:

Bread and Roses nominates Beth Marlin, for Heart of Marin Awards 2014 Volunteer of the Year:“Beth Marlin is an articulate ambassador for Bread and Roses as a performer who understands the importance of bringing music to those who are underserved and filling a need to provide hope and healing through live music to those who are art-starved. She has appreciated the opportunity to be exposed to people in various situations that require her to “dig deep” as an artist, to draw people out of challenging situations through music and to give people a respite from their daily stress.” — Marian Hubler, Producer for Bread and Roses


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Beth Marlin Still 2

Still From "Railroad" Video Shoot

Still From “Railroad” Video Shoot



Exit Theatre, San Francisco

Exit Theatre, San Francisco




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